Originator of Dragon Kilns

2020-04-27 13:51:08

[World Heritage and Culture]

Jointly published by: Fujian Daily and Fujian Provincial Bureau of Cultural Heritage

Volume 12, 2020

Originator of Dragon Kilns

    Above: Black earthen stem cup and jar

    Middle: Panoramic view of kiln cluster of Shang and Zhou Dynasties on Mao’er Mountain

    Below: Proto-porcelain - tiger-shaped urinal

    Below: Black earthen stem cup

Originator of Dragon Kilns

Kiln No.8 (elongated dragon kiln)

Originator of Dragon Kilns

Distribution of kiln sites No. 1-6 (east-west)

FUZHOU, April 27 (Fujian Daily) – The dragon kilns unearthed in the kiln cluster on Mao’er Mountain, dating back to the early period of Shang Dynasty, are the earliest and best preserved ones discovered in China so far. Academic research proves that Mao’er Mountain is one of the origins of Chinese dragon kilns.