Cultural Tours
Cultural and Natural Heritage of Fujian Province
Fuzhou Cultural Tour and Inspection Route

The Three Lanes and Seven Alleys Historic District (including Former Residence of Yan Fu, Former Residence of Liang Zhangju, or Xiaohuanglou, Water-side Pavilion and Performing Stage, Fujian Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo Garden)

Shangxiahang Historical and Cultural District (Yongde Guild Hall, Shangshu Temple, Luo’s Silk and Satin Shop, Jianjun Guild Hall)

China Shipbuilding District (Shipbuilding Park, extending to Mawei Shipyard, China Shipbuilding Museum, Luoxing Pagoda Park)

Kuliang Tourist Resort (Kuliang Old Street, Summer Villa, Gardner Exhibition Hall, Zhuli International Campground)

Yeshan Historical and Cultural Landscape (Ouye Pond, Renshou Hall, Site of Tang Dynasty Polo Field, Zhongshan Hall, Zhenhai Tower)

Yushan Park (Qigong Ancestral Hall, Alchemy Well, Zhuangyuan Peak)

Yantai Hill Historical and Cultural Scenic Area (Yantai Hill Park, Foochow Club, Fujian (Min) Customs Deputy Division (official residence), and 2nd Aiguo Road)

Wushan historic district (Cliff Inscriptions, Daoshan Pavilion, Lord Li Pavilion, Stone Forest Scenic Spot and Xianshu Pavilion (in honor of Chen Zhenlong, who introduced sweet potatoes into Fujian and promoted its plantation, and Jin Xuezeng, the Governor of Fujian in the Wanli reign of the Ming Dynasty))

Minjiang River Night Tour (Taijiang Wharf, Minjiang Bridge, Fanchuanpu Catholic Church, 3D Light Show in Taijiang Wanda Financial Street, Flower Sea Park, Gushan Bridge)

Songkou Historic Town (Ancient Ferry, Songkou Folklore Museum, Crane-shaped Road, Longkou Ancestral House, and Li Zhao House)

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