Pingshan Site of Minyue State Palace

2020-03-30 16:48:34

  As recorded in the Records of the Grand Historian: in Year 202 B.C., Liu Bang, the Emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty, ennobled Wuzhu, the former King of the Minyue State which had been destroyed, as the King of the new Minyue State and transferred the Dongye city to Wuzhu as the capital city. In Year 110 B.C., Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty sent troops to destroy the Minyue State due to Yu Shan’s rebellion against the Han’s ruling. The Minyue State lasted for 92 years only in history.

  The archaeological teams of Fujian Province and Fuzhou City jointly carried out several archaeological rescue excavations in Pingshan area from the 1990s to the early 2000s, and discovered the rammed earth stylobates and construction materials of the Western Han Dynasty. Through the two archaeological excavations at the Site of Pingshan Metro Station from 2013 to 2015, two phases of rammed earth stylobates and relics such as wells and rain water splatters were discovered on the stylobates, and a large number of high-class construction materials were unearthed. The excavations were identified by the experts of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage as “(having) sniffed” the palace area of the Yecheng city of Han Dynasty, and showed that the area from Yeshan Road to Guping Road used to be the palace area of the ancient Yecheng city.