Wang Ning and You Mengjun inspect urban improvement project for the 44th session of the World Heritage Committee

2020-02-28 15:37:55

On February 22, Wang Ning, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Fuzhou Municipal Committee, and You Mengjun, mayor of the city, inspected the urban improvement project for the 44th session of the World Heritage Committee. They also conducted on-site research and coordination on relevant issues to help prepare the city for the event.

Wang and You came to Liangcuo Village beside the Fuzhou Straits Culture and Arts Center to learn more about the construction of the historical and cultural block with Liangcuo characteristics, and listened to the report on the development and construction of the Sanjiangkou Area. The municipal leaders noted that Liangcuo is home to many famous people in its long history and boats beautiful ecological landscape and outstanding characteristics. The relevant departments of the city and district should, therefore, continue to strengthen cooperation to promote the protection, restoration and construction of the Liangcuo historical and cultural block with high quality and fast speed so as to highlight its unique cultural heritage. It is necessary to improve the supporting service facilities, plan the operation and management well in advance, continuously gain popularity, and attract tourists for leisure tours.

On the same day, Wang and You also inspected the road in front of Wushan Elementary School and the road surface on trial at the Haiguan Lane section of Nanjiangbin Avenue and evaluated the landscape greening project surrounding the Mawei Interchange of Sanjiangkou Bridge. They listened to the report on comprehensive improvement of environment along the Airport Expressway in Jin'an, Mawei and Changle districts and put forward specific requirements for the layout of lighting on the river-crossing bridge, the optimization of tunnel landscape, the night lighting improvement along the line, the renovation of architecture, the manifestation of Fuzhou culture, and the improvement of facilities.

Wang Ning stressed

The entire city should focus on the major political task of hosting the World Heritage Committee session, make every effort to improve urban functional quality, stay committed to coordinated advancement of work between upper and lower levels. On the premise of ensuring the quality and results of the project, the city should arrange the timetable based on every construction target, accelerate construction work, organize and implement various projects well and strive to show the urban and cultural glamour of Fuzhou to the world.

Municipal leaders Cai Zhansheng, Zhang Zhong and Yang Xinjian also took part in the research and inspection.