The extended 44th session of the World Heritage Committee themed exhibition opens to the public

2021-07-22 10:58:21

In the Opera Hall of the Fuzhou Strait Culture and Art Center, the surrounding “Global World Heritage” exhibition area, the carved scroll-style “World Heritage in China” exhibition area, and the Tulou-style “World Heritage in Fujian” exhibition area are presenting their distinctive beauty, attracting visitors from all over the world. 

The extended 44th session of the World Heritage Committee themed exhibition opens to the public

The colors of World Blue, China Red, and Fujian Green alternate before you. Inside an exhibition room, you will be able to take a close look at the splendid scroll of world cultural and natural heritage. 

From July 19th, the themed exhibition of the extended 44th session of the World Heritage Committee has been opened to the public, fully displaying what World Heritage worldwide has to offer, the active actions of China and Fujian taken to protect the World Heritage, and the best practices of Fuzhou to protect the renowned city. 

The “Global World Heritage” exhibition area selected pictures of 89 heritage sites from 1,121 items included in the World Heritage List. In front of the exhibition area, visitors took pictures from time to time. Mr. Zhou, a 66-year-old retired university teacher, lingered, marveling that he “walked into the Grand View Garden of World Heritage.” 

Facing the surface of the auspicious cloud, the “World Heritage in China” exhibition area comes into view. Mount Tai in Shandong Province, the most revered of the Five Sacred Mountains, Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan Province, the king of waterscapes, and Yin Xu in Anyang with a thousand years of history, etc.. 55 selected pictures of China’s World Heritage Sites, supplemented by the color of the “China Red”, showcase the infinite charm of China.

Passing through the gate of the “Zhencheng Building, Fujian Tulou”, one can appreciate the “towering mountains and flowing water” in the “World Heritage in Fujian” exhibition area, which is refreshing. Looking back around the corner, one can see the “Fuzhou Cultural Heritage Protection” exhibition hall resembling the Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, artistically restoring Fuzhou’s historic district style. Walking among the white walls, gray tiles and saddle-shaped gable, one can never smell enough of the scent of jasmines, see enough of the three hills in Fuzhou and the Minjiang River, tell enough the tale of lanes and alleys and shipyard. 

Ms. He, a citizen of Fuzhou, came to visit the exhibition with her 7-year-old daughter. Her daughter excitedly signed her name on the signature wall of the session. Ms. He said that the exhibition allowed the children to fully understand the cultural heritage at their doorstep so that they can gain insights and inspire interest.

It is worth mentioning that in the corner of the “World Heritage in China” exhibition area, a special exhibition hall in the shape of the Temple of Heaven is set up to showcase China’s relatively complete World Heritage Monitoring System. Visitors click on the real-time monitoring and early warning platform, and they can have a panoramic view of the real-time traffic and people flow at the World Heritage sites. (Reporters: Quan Xingya/Manuscript, Wang Yi/Photo)