Fujian to Take Multiple Measures to Protect Historic Buildings

2020-04-28 10:21:12

People’s Daily (April 28, 2020, Page 12)

  FUZHOU, April 27 (People’s Daily) – (Reported by Liu Xiaoyu) The Management System of Conservation on Fuzhou Historic Buildings was recently launched, and present a full picture of historic buildings through “one chart” provided on the platform.

  The head of the Fuzhou Historic and Cultural City Management Committee introduced that the full life cycle of historic buildings is included in this “chart”, which can allow the authorities to visually understand the information, and inspect, trace and manage these buildings. In addition to the 635 historic buildings in Fuzhou that have been announced, more than 1,100 ancient buildings have been included in the system, which will provide a reference for the protection, renovation and utilization of Fuzhou ancient houses. In addition, the system can enable the multi-terminal interactions among cities, districts/counties, towns/sub-district and villages, and grassroots inspectors can report problems found in regular inspections in a timely manner for solution by the authorities. Fuzhou will also develop the Fuzhou Famous City Protection and Management Platform and build a comprehensive protection database and an interactive management system for the historic and cultural city.

  Quanzhou has recently launched a pilot project of the building chief system for historic buildings protected at the municipal level. In 2020, all counties (cities and districts) in Quanzhou City will select some historic buildings from the first batch of 1199 declared historic buildings for the pilot project, and the building chiefs at the county level, township (sub-district) level, village level and full-time level shall be appointed. It is reported that the goal is to establish and improve the regular protection mechanism for historic buildings by means of implementing the pilot project of building chief system for historic building protection, in order to improve the management level of historic building protection. The project will maintain such features as the height, volume, appearance, and styles of historic buildings. The pilot project also aims to achieve the unity of protection and utilization, and give full play to the historic buildings’ value in cultural display and inheritance by means of rational use, enrichment of business formats, and activation of more functions.