Fujian Provincial Leaders Inspect Urban Quality Improvement Projects in Fuzhou for the 44th Session of the World Heritage Committee

2020-03-27 17:01:47

(Reporter Li Ke) On March 26, 2020, Li Dejin, Vice Governor of Fujian, led the heads of the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Fujian to inspect the progress of the urban quality improvement projects in Fuzhou in preparation for the 44th session of the World Heritage Committee. They conducted on-site inspection on the greening improvement works along the Yuejin and Guozhai sections of the South Second Ring Road, environment improvement projects of the North Railway Station and South Railway Station and their surrounding areas, the vest-pocket park at Huagong Intersection of the East Second Ring Road. A meeting was  held where participants heard the report on the progress of the projects in Fuzhou city, coordinated and proffered solutions to outstanding problems, and put forward requirements for the next period.

Li Dejin fully recognized the careful preparations for the 44th session of the World Heritage Committee and the concrete efforts to ensure urban quality improvement. He also emphasized that efforts shall be made to thoroughly implement President Xi Jinping's important instructions on "invigorate a city by hosting one event" in line with the development concept that puts people first. The ongoing “double improvement” project should be held to high standards and quality. Fuzhou is expected to focus on promoting the “six batches” initiative (announcing a batch of protected historical and cultural sites, historical buildings, and famous historical and cultural towns and villages; launching a batch of key cultural heritage protection projects; organizing a batch of theme exhibitions with meticulous efforts; completing a batch of cultural heritage protection projects; nominating a batch of world heritage application projects; honoring a batch of organizations and individuals with significant contributions) for a new round of Fuzhou gucuo conservation and upgrading projects, a new round of urban upgrading initiatives and the "10-in-1" work (comprehensive upgrades of important neighborhoods, precise reconstruction of sporadic plots, renovation of old streets and lanes, renovation of old neighborhoods, construction of small street parks, demolition of walls, precise landscaping renovation, cleaning of advertising plaques, cleaning of pole line, cabinets and cabled grounding) in urban areas by focusing on the realization of the “two new improvements” in the aspect of cultural and natural heritage protection and utilization, urban and rural environmental quality, and the display of the profound cultural heritage and beautiful city images of Fuzhou; paying close attention to priorities and focusing on details, starting with key links such as function improvements, greening, flower growing and beautification projects for the environment, the improvement of nightscape lighting and the promotion of comprehensive upgrading of important gateways, areas, and lines such as Fuzhou Changle International Airport, North Railway Station, South Railway Station, Second Ring Road, Third Ring Road, and Airport Expressway. To ensure quality and progress, Fuzhou authorities shall adhere to careful organization, scientific planning, optimized design and good construction, the principle of economical and intensive use, and also strengthen on-site management and project tracking. By taking advantage of the “100-day Initiative” on troubleshooting and rectification of safety hazards of architectural structures, coordinating the comprehensive management of the "two violations" (unauthorized construction and unauthorized use of land), acquisition of housing, people relocation and quality improvement, the construction will proceed in an orderly and effective manner.