Cultural Profile:Damaoshan Site

2020-02-24 11:01:11

The Damaoshan site is located on the southeastern hillside of the Damaoshan Hill about one kilometer to the northeast of Damao New Village, Chencheng Town, Dongshan County. It is 66 meters above sea level, with some 400 square meters of seashell layers remaining. The site was discovered by archaeologists working in Fujian Province in October 1986. They collected the first batch of more than 140 specimens ranging from stone adzes, stone axes, stone balls, ventifacts, plain-surface pottery shards, fragments of dark grey sandy ware and pieces from the mouths and round feet of reddish-brown clay pottery with corded patterns, as well as the bones of animals such as deer, goats and fish, from exposed shell layers. Carbon-14 dating conducted by the Central Laboratory of Guangzhou Institute of Geography determined that the specimens were left here 4030±100 years ago, categorizing the Damaoshan shell mound as a late Neolithic site.